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Shaolin Qi Gong

Shaolin Qi Gong

Yi Jin Qing – Shaolin Qi Gong

These exercises literally means ‘exercises for transfoming muscles, tendons and ligaments’. They’re extraordinary exercises which are targeting equally different parts of the body, such as hipps & legs or corpus & arms. The transformation our body is going through is developing previous hard and tense muscles, tendons and ligaments into soft and smooth ones – or, if they have been too soft before, it will transform them into strong ones through the exercise.

There is a total of 49 exercises to go through, which will be repeated 49 times. For practical matters we are parting it in sets of 12, so the student is able to pick up the movement correctly.

below you can see my grandmaster, Master Queck Seng Chong (or as we used to call him, Sigong) demonstrating Shaolin Qi Gong